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The Mangreen Trust

Registered Charity No. 297985

Within the umbrella of Mangreen Trust we are able to offer a number of facilities to those seeking additional help and support.

We have:

  • The Sanctuary formally (The Global Meditation Light Centre)
  • Time Share Swimming pool
  • Meeting facilities
  • Co-creative Garden with Stone Circle and Candle Chapel

Mangreen Purpose

To develop an ongoing family on a non-profit making basis where positive thinking, love, joy, conscious awareness and a greater understanding of the natural rhythms and peace are fostered.

The emphasis to be on the surrounding people with love, and exercising tender loving care (TLC).

To see each person as a whole person so that people are both healed and taught how to be healthy in spirit, mind and body.

Objects of The Trust

These are stated in the Trust Deed as:

a) The relief of poverty; the relief of sickness, and the preservation and protection of spiritual, mental and physical health and the advancement of education for the benefit of the public.

b) To provide facilities for recreation in the interest of social welfare to persons who are in need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity, disablement, poverty or social and economic circumstances, with the object of improving the conditions of life of such persons.

The Trust seeks to achieve the above by encouraging correct and consistent living through appropriate therapies within the whole range of orthodox and complementary medicine and all faiths.

Mangreen as a Centre for Spirituality

One of the positive things happening in today’s world is a groundswell in grassroots spirituality. A spirituality that is neither competitive nor claiming to be the ‘right way’: a spirituality that is characterised by an inner experiencing of the sacred and a willingness to do personal trans-formative work: a spirituality that embraces and values a diversity of paths, whilst honoring the universal.  Mangreen enables the deepening of this through its programme.

Mangreen Programme

  • Mangreen programme consist of Wellness and education events  for everybody
  • Spiritual Companionship groups, courses and training (new course coming in 2018)
  • One to One Spiritual Companionship, Counselling and Mentoring by arrangement.
  •  Workshops
  • Monthly Reflective Gatherings at Mangreen offer a respectful space come together for contemplation & Celebration. We recognise the underlying unity of all life & welcome people of any faith or none
  • Attunement healing seasons by request

Mangreen Trust

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Telephone: 01508 570444

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Monday - Saturday: 9am - 5pm

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Mangreen Country House,
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Tel: 01508 570444

Registered Charity No. 297985

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