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What is a Retreat ?

Going on a retreat means taking time away from your ordinary life. …It is a special time for you.  Giving you space to reflect on and nourish your inner life. It is about relaxing and refocusing on what is most important to you. This can be incredibly invigorating.  It may also lead to a reassessment of your life, relationships, values…. And why not? As Jung once famously said, what is the point of climbing a ladder, only to find it is leaning against the wrong wall!  Retreats are about checking your ladder is on the wall you want!

Why Mangreen?

Mangreen is a secluded Country House just south of Norwich set in tranquil and magical gardens, with its own Sanctuary Light Centre, mystical stone circle, accommodation in our historic country house and delicious wholesome food,  For the past 40 years it has provided a spiritual oasis for reflection, healing and renewal. Through our spiritual companionship programme you will have on hand mentors trained in spiritual accompaniment to support you as you explore your inner world and prioritise your highest values, enabling you to live the life that is yours to live.

Personal Retreats

  • A morning meditation
  • One to one spiritual accompaniment
  • One body therapy session
  • On-going support

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Mangreen Group Retreats:  ‘ Remember what is important’

  • Personal growth workshops
  • One to one life mentoring session
  • One  relaxing body therapy of your choice
  • Time to simply relax and be

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Mangreen as your Retreat venue

  • Free flowing tea and coffee
  • Choice of three conference rooms
  • Light Centre for early morning meditation room
  • Use of our extensive gardens

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