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One to One Support

Guidance for the inner journey, Wellness for you.

You may come to certain points in your life when you feel the need of skilled support from people who are fully trained in facilitating growth and wellness. For instance …

  • you may be facing a major change or challenge
  • you feel you have lost your sparkle
  • you feel ‘stuck’ or ‘in a rut’
  • everything can feel pointless or you may be seeking a sense of meaning or purpose
  • you feel a wider or more ‘spiritual’ perspective might be useful for you
  • you feel certain practices, such as mindfulness, may help you to manage your stress and anxiety
  • you may want to deepen your sense of inner peace and wellbeing
  • you would like to develop your intuition
  • you would like to free yourself from patterns in your life that seem to keep repeating themselves

Call our team at Mangreen and we will put you in contact with one of our Counsellors.

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