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Training and Courses

Psycho-spiritual Training at the Centre for Personal & Spiritual Growth

The psycho-spiritual approach integrates both psychological and spiritual development, seeing crises not as problems but as stepping stones for growth. This integrated and holistic approach is at the leading edge of personal growth and counselling, it builds on traditional theories of human development, whilst acknowledging the validity of the psychological healing work and integrating Spiritual Presence and Practice.

At Mangreen we offer three pathways of training:

1.  Train to become Spiritual Companion, Level 3 Diploma, SC accredited

Deepen your spirituality in a way that is true for you, Enable other to do the same.

Offering spiritual care, facilation and mentorship.

Spiritual Companionship is a two-fold process

Read more about our Spiritual Companion course

2.  Psycho-spiritual Counsellor and Spiritual Companion Integrated Training, CPCAB & SC accredited

We are aware these is a lot of overlap.

Spiritual Companions need to develop compassionate, perceptive and intuitive listening skills which is offered through our Level 2 psycho-spiritual counselling skills course. Evidence of listening skills is requirement for  Spiritual Companions.

Read more about our Psycho-spiritual Counsellor course

3. Train to be a Psycho-Spiritual Counsellor, CPCAB accredited

  • Step 1: Certificate in Psycho-Spiritual Counselling Skills (CPCAB accredited)
  • Step 2: Certificate in Psycho-Spiritual Counselling Studies (CPCAB accredited)

Read more about our Psycho-Spiritual Counsellor course

Free Open Days, The Next one is Saturday 4th June 2016

Experience a taster of a Spiritual Companion Course with Naomi’s one hour workshop ‘Psycho-Spiritual Growth’ and find out about all that Mangreen has to offer.

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The Centre for Personal & Spiritual Growth, Naomi Duffield, Head tutor at:

Mangreen Country House, Mangreen, Nr Swardeston, Norwich NR14 8DD


Telephone: 01508 570444


A deepened understanding of spiritual journeys and how we can integrate them in the real world.  Wonderful intuitive guidance and support, making all of who we are and what we are experiencing ok’

Linda Allen, Coach (Mangreen Spiritual Companion Student)

I appreciate your warm, friendly, compassionate qualities and how you brought these to the course.  I have enjoyed everything about the course – probably the best/most useful course I have been on

Margaret and Trevor Terry, retired (Mangreen Spiritual Companion Student)

A fascinating journey through the spiritual worlds, culminating in a deeper, more coherent, private connection with Source

Clare Higson, Labyrinth steward (Mangreen Spiritual Companion)

The daily meditation was particularly important to me.  Wonderfully stilling, revealing and inspiring…

Fiona Robinson, Reflexologist (Mangreen Spiritual Companion Student)

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